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New Feedback on Etsy

June 11, 2010

In the past few days, I’ve received some lovely feedback from even lovelier customers! I’m excited to share them with you, so do read on for more information on what they ordered, and what they said :]

Chiew Mei’s order: Bookmarks

Snippet of Chiew Mei’s feedback: “One thing I have to say about Kelly? She’s FAST. She got my order made that very night, and sent it out the next morning. The other thing I have to say about her? Aww, that darling is so sweet! She gave me stickers too!”

Read Chiew Mei’s feedback here, and here. She wrote a whole blog post on them, which I loved reading– always nice to know customers are jazzed about their purchases and use them with pride! :]

Rina’s order: Mini-cards, Card

Snippet of Rina’s feedback: “Chanced upon the Paper Exploits booth at a random NUS bazaar and I STOPPED DEAD IN MY TRACKS. The booth layout was fantastic, really.”

Read Rina’s feedback here.

Letitia’s order: Letterheads, Stickers

Snippet of Letitia’s feedback: “My favourite thing about shopping with Paper Exploits is how personal everything is – from kelly’s sincerity (it is very refreshing to be actually addressed by my name and not “babe”), voluntary rush orders, to my very awesome customized order.”

Read Letitia’s feedback here, and here.

Debbie’s order: Awkward Owl Bookmarks

Snippet of Debbie’s feedback: “It was during the Chinese New Year holidays and I thought it would be too rushed for Kelly to get them out to me. She, however, in spite of the festivities and busyness, was able to make some on such short notice and meet up to pass them to me. I really appreciated her promptness and willingness to accommodate me.”

Read Debbie’s feedback here.

All in all, awesome possum madness! I’ve probably said this before, but I really love working with customers to deliver not just beautiful stationery, but excellent service too. :] So far, so good– see how Paper Exploits on Etsy has garnered 100% positive feedback here :]

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